Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Home- My Pride

Posted by Alex S. Mistula

I never chose to be a Barobohanon. This is where my parents and my ancestors found a living to survive, to raise a family, and to help build this beautiful place. Barobo lies at the northern pacific, at the heart of the province of Surigao del Sur. But growing up within this beautiful haven is always a pride to me. Telling other people specially the local tourists about its beauty for me is a responsibility that every Barobohanon has to do with pride and honor.

This blog intends to showcase the beauty of Barobo and instill the value of loving our own haven to the young generation.

Welcome to our virtual tour!

Bogac River


Turtle Island

Cabgan Island

Vanishing Island

Baybay 2, Dapdap

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BNHS SGC, Institutionalized

Under the mandate of the Department of Education, Republic Act 9155, Barobo National High School organized an institution, the School Governing Council whose primary concern is to assist the school to realize its true empowerment and transparency and to help sustain effective community mobilization.

SGC is composed of Mrs. Aida U. Aribal, BNHS Principal 111 as chairman, Mr. Lucresio R. Sanchez, GPTA President and Vice-chairman, Mr. Precioso Ramoga, Brigada Eskuela, Mrs. Gloria Paragoya, Faculty and Staff President, Mrs. Tita Olvida, Women’s Club Representative, Billy Jhun Asunsion, SSG President, ,first year level representative, Mr. Ronelio Lauron and Mrs. Luzminda Tinambacan, for the second year level, third year level, and Mr Neldi Lingatong who represents fourth year level. They took their oath of office last August ,2007.

The Chairman and Members serve as the policy and decision making body in all programs and projects of the school. They take direct control and management to all parallel working committees, recommend the implementation of approved programs and consolidate reports of all the working groups for review and validation.

“So far so good, it works. It helps me and the School Administration to be effective”, stressed Mrs. Aribal.

BNHS Teachers Undergo ICT Mentoring

Barobo National High School being a recipient of SMART Schools programs, a project inclined to support public schools by providing Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools initiated a Mentoring Program on ICT Integration across the curriculum.

The said program started last August and will end on March this school year. Sessions are held at the Computer Laboratory with the selected teachers from BNHS-Main Campus and annexes as mentees.

Mr. Alex S. Mistula who qualified for the Masters Degree on SMART Mentors Scholarship in Instructional Design and technology is the mentor of the said program.

‘The Mentoring program aims to enhance the teachers ICT and Instructional Design Skills. So far, there are 15 teachers in a row. In spite of their hectic schedule, I have to sustain the program based the training matrix”, said Mr. Mistula, Smart Schools Program mentor.

Teacher- Mentees are able to create their email account,
send and compose an email, surt the net and use available multimedia.